Hello, salut, ciao!

My name is Pasquale Volpintesta, and my alias FOX IN THE HEAD is derived from the English translation of my Italian surname. I'm a well-versed Art Director with over 15 years of experience working in the computer software industry with proficiency in branding, design strategy, art direction, and graphic design.

I strongly believe exceptional design has the transformative ability to simplify communication and functional interaction. It incites an emotional connection that aims to inform, inspire, and enhance human experiences. This belief is the driving force that keeps my creative approach focused, strategic, and adaptable.

I tackle every creative challenge by first establishing a compelling conceptual foundation derived from research-based insights and project objectives, then by exploring the many facets within my (or my team's) creative skill set best suited to articulate that concept, and lastly by ensuring that the execution of that idea is met with a keen attention to detail, aesthetic, and function.

I love photography, abstract painting, and making tiramisu. Cake is my happy place.