TechX 2018 Visual Identity

Fordite (a.k.a. Detroit agate) was used as a culturally relevant visual metaphor to illustrate the confluence of the technical and creative minds of Autodesk assembling in Detroit for the TechX 2018 summit. Directed the creation of the event identity and the colorful, merging 3D forms that reinforce the event theme "Converge. Connect. Cocreate.", symbolize the revitalization of Detroit, and nod back to the historical automobile manufacturing processes of the city's golden age.

Merit Award winner of the 2019 HOW In-House Design competition. Project featured in the HOW Print book "The Best of Design" and in an online gallery at

Hero imagery
Promotional poster series
Hotel front desk and directional graphics
Registration booth
Attendee badge
Mobile app splash screen
Event graphics
Keynote main stage
Breakout room signage